Personal MacOS AI assistant. The AI you own. Forever.

Native MacOS application, forever yours. Super8 enhances your productivity, complements your creativity, helps you with day to day tasks. All data resides on your machine only, no connection to internet needed.

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⚡️Enhances productivity

Work together with Super8. Enhance your workflows such as replying emails, researching, making sense of big chunks of text. Think of Super8 as your assistant and co-worker who is here to help you with tasks you need to get done.

💫Complements creativity

Brainstorm together with Super8, write articles or books, create ideas, look for solutions and feedback. Or maybe just plan your next trip to Europe. Everything is only between you and Super8.

🙌Helps with tasks

Simplify day to day tasks by creating your own Experts. Experts can help you with translations, specialized technical tasks, learning languages, preparing for exams or tests.

💻Native MacOS

Super8 is not mimicking a native app, it is native app. It makes impossible possible. Written in Apple’s Swift language using Apple latest technological stack. This guarantees deep integration with Apple’s ecosystem, maximum performance, and data safety.

🤩No API keys

We run fully on your computer. You don’t need any API keys to 3rd party services. In fact, you don’t even need internet connection to work with Super8. Pay once, use forever, no hidden or additional costs, nor 3rd party API expenses.

🔒Full control over data

Being native application allows to store data directly on your machine. Everything stays between you and Super8. No data sent from your computer to any servers. Everything stays local, forever.

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One email per month, and one click unsubscribe.

Be among the first users to get access to Super8. As a bonus enjoy your forever 25% off early bird discount for all services and products at Super8.

Frequently asked questions

When is the launch?

Application currently in development. Launch is planned to happen in Q2 2024. Stay tuned, subscribe to the waiting list, and you'll be notified about the progress.

What is Super8's future?

Highly competetive field, bleeding edge really. No one did it before.

How it works?

Super8 is a native MacOS application which wraps multiple AI modules, communicates between them, creating fully multimodal assistant which later integrated into MacOS system.

What are the feature?

Product currently in active development and there is no set feature pool yet. Stay tuned and we will communicate full feature set once we will get close to closed beta.

How it's performance and correctness against closed source AI?

In short - performance, and correctness is less good as of 25th of January, 2024. Noticed that we put the date? Things are rapidly changing. Smaller open source solutions starting to give big players run for their money, and we expect this trand to continue. It is active field of research today. Huge proprietary AIs work on massive computers with hundreds of GBs of video memory costing hundreds of thousands dollars. Smaller AIs which are capable of running on commodity hardware are 'less smart', but as history shows its not for long (remember mobile phones in 2001, look at your phone now).

Why not big proprietary online LLMs like ChatGPT then?

They can't compete with native application in terms of usability, capabilities, stability, and user experience. Those are product reasons, but there are also fundamental technological reasons. When things are fully online -- you don't own them. There are various risks in the air such as regulators, API limitations, CEOs changes, security and privacy issues, jailbreaks, list goes on and on.

What are the system requirements?

Currently we target to support any Apple's computers with M chips. If you have a Mac model from 2020 or newer you are good. This is requirement due to the way how memory works in Apple's silicon. Be prepared to have about ~20GB or free disk space. We will update system requrements to some precise numebers before closed beta test.